Nanaimo Airport Airfield Electrical Upgrading

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Associated Engineering provided electrical, lighting, and structural engineering services for the project. The lighting system uses a unique backup power system, which also allows departures in visibility conditions down to 366 m (1200 ft) where previously 763 m (2600 ft) was the limit. It also makes Nanaimo the only small airport in Canada to be in complete compliance with the reduced visibility departure requirements of Transport Canada. The system devised allows the runway lights to remain operational for up to 15 min in the event of a power failure. This system was the first of its kind at a regional airport in Canada and ensured that power to the runway lights was never interrupted.

A new computer controlled lighting system allows air traffic controllers one-button operation of all airport lighting systems, based on prevailing visibility and wind conditions. LED lighting systems for the taxiways and runway guard lights reduced the amount of power used by the airport. The older 45 watt incandescent lamps have been replaced by 7 watt LED units.

In addition to the lighting systems, AE was responsible for the structural design for the new powerhouse for the lighting systems, foundations for the approach lighting systems, which sit in the flood plain of Haslam Creek, and the foundations for the instrument landing system buildings and antennae.