Vancouver International Airport South Airfield Upgrades

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The south runway at the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) receives air traffic 24 hours a day. It was originally constructed in 1952. In 1985, Associated Engineering completed design and construction of the south runway rehabilitation, pioneering nighttime paving procedures to reduce impacts on airport operations. This pavement structure serviced YVR for 18 years (a remarkable period for a major international airport facility) before requiring rehabilitation.

In 2003, the Vancouver International Airport Authority (YVRAA) embarked on a $30 million runway upgrade project including pavement rehabilitation, overlay, and electrical upgrades. YVRAA engaged Associated Engineering to complete detailed design and provide resident engineering services during construction of the airfield upgrade, including upgrading the approach lighting systems to CAT II standards.

New ALSF-2 systems replaced the existing high intensity approach light systems for Runway 08R and 26L, as required for CAT I/II and III arrivals. New conduits, wiring and concrete bases were installed, existing light towers reconditioned and reused, and new luminaries and transformers installed.  A new 2400 v power distribution services the localizer buildings and the approach system strobe lights.