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Elijah Smith School Energy Audit


Whitehorse, Yukon


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The Yukon Government, Property Management Division, retained Associated Engineering to perform an ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit at Elijah Smith Elementary School.

The purpose of this energy audit was to analyze the equipment and operation, identify where the energy is being used, and identify and quantify potential energy efficiency measures.  The audit included an energy distribution profile for the school, as well as bench marking the school against similar facilities using EPA Energy Star.

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Project Highlights

We conducted a detailed analysis of the facility and operation that identified eight major opportunities, which, if implemented, could reduce energy consumption by over 400,000 ekWh per year. These measures would reduce the energy intensity of the building by nearly 30%, increase the bench marking score by 35 points and reduce the carbon footprint by 90,000 kg CO2 eq. per year.

The measures identified included controls upgrades and strategy changes, heat recovery options, and equipment upgrades. The estimated payback on the measures ranged from three months to 35 years, with over 75% of the cost and GHG reductions achievable in less than nine years.

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