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Hawrelak Lake Algae Remediation – Phase 1 Feasibility Study


Edmonton, Alberta


Environmental Assessment

Environmental Planning

The City of Edmonton retained Associated Environmental to complete the first two phases of a the Hawrelak Lake Blue Green Algae Remediation Project; the Feasibility Study (Phase 1) and the Concept Development (Phase 2).

In this Feasibility Study (Phase 1), highlevel options for treatment of fecal bacteria including Escherichia coli (E. Coli), enterococci, and thermotolerant coliforms (TtC); and, cyanobacteria (also known as blue-green-algae) in Hawrelak Lake are identified.

An assessment of the viability of proceeding to further evaluation and Concept Development (Phase 2) of the Hawrelak Lake Blue Green Algae Remediation Project is also provided. Hawrelak Lake is an important environmental and recreational feature of the Park.

The area surrounding Hawrelak Lake has been highly modified over the years, and only the two islands have vegetation (e.g., shrubs, trees, forbs) that have become attractive nesting sites for many waterfowl species.

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