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Your Project Environmental Needs: How to go from Planning to Construction

About this webinar

In this two-part webinar series, Associated Environmental Consultants staff journey through a fictitious linear project in northern Alberta. Our team of experts will walks through all the things that can go wrong and demonstrates how to set a project up for success.

Part 1: To Apply or not to Apply – That is the Question: A Perspective on Environmental and Regulatory Planning

Recorded: March 29, 2022

Speaker: April Ziegler, P. Biol., Regulatory Planner

You’ve heard it before, and we will say it again! Engage your environmental consulting team early in your project planning. But what does that even mean? Is there such thing as too early? (Hint: the answer is no). In this introductory webinar, we will walk you through a fictitious project example through the lens of environmental planner including a discussion around project schedule and how it relates to the potential regulatory permitting requirements. This project has it all! Wetland impacts, watercourse crossings, vegetation impacts, contaminated sites, and more! This webinar will set the stage for sessions two (Environmental Site Assessments) and three (Pre-construction wildlife surveys).

Part 2: Environmental Site Assessments – What Environmental Impacts Are In Your Project Area?

Recorded: April 5, 2022

Speaker: Brent Schmidt, P. Geo., Geoscientist

This webinar will go over the purpose of Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and why you should know what lies beneath the surface of your project area. We will walk you through the basics of ESAs and how we assess the potential for contamination on your project. Through this process, we can set you and your project up for success from beginning to end. These steps mitigate the possibility of running into unknown contamination during a project which could cause project delays, contractor scope changes, and cost overruns. Through our case study, we will show you what we look for during the feasibility, planning, and design stages, and common problems that arise during construction related to soil contamination. Join us as we talk about the mystical world of contaminated sites.  

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