Apr 24 2019
The Chippewas of Nawash First Nation sought a holistic drainage review of the area to identify necessary culvert repairs, ditching improvements, and channel alignment modifications to better match the natural flow paths of existing streams, minimize erosion, and improve surface drainage.
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Apr 22 2019
Downtown areas are the economic, social, and cultural heart of communities; they reflect a community’s identity and values. The Town of Stony Plain, Alberta has initiated a downtown redevelopment that will represent their past, provide a focal point for commercial, cultural, and civic activities, and stimulate economic growth.
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Apr 17 2019
The Spirit Trail Shewalh Stelmexw (People’s Path) links major parks, transportation hubs and commercial areas, providing access to recreational environments that can be enjoyed by users of all abilities. This section of the Trail at Mosquito Creek in North Vancouver, BC is the only under water trail in Canada, with the pathway descending 3.4 meters below sea level during extreme high tide. It also traverses Squamish First Nations land, and passes through a working marina.
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Apr 15 2019
Associated Engineering recommended an analysis of the Hatchet Lake Dene Nation’s existing water and wastewater system to ensure the systems can accommodate future growth.
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Apr 11 2019
Associated Engineering provided hydrogeological, stormwater, electrical, process mechanical (pump) design and inspection services, and led construction administration and coordination with the contractor and the zoo. Key personnel involved on this project were Robin Clee, Jacques Groenewald, Joe White, Scott Witzke, Corinne Arkell, Neal Barretto, and Emma Sauriol.
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Apr 09 2019
2019 marks the tenth year that we have been a carbon neutral company. At Associated Engineering, we believe that we have a corporate responsibility to consider our environment, not only on the projects we deliver, but also in the manner in which we operate our business.
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Apr 02 2019
In the previous Climate Change Conversations, we described how we know with confidence that human activity is driving ongoing climate change, and how this change will accelerate in the future. In this edition, we will explore what this change means for climate at the local scale, how it relates to natural weather patterns, and how it can be integrated into engineering design.
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