Environmental Assessment

Assessment of potential environmental effects is part of the planning process for a range of infrastructure, natural resource development, and land-use projects. AE's multi-disciplinary team provides environmental support for a project through its lifecycle, to manage risks of development, and to lead the process and meet the requirements of federal and provincial regulations.

Our services include baseline characterization, stakeholder engagement, modeling effects, mitigation planning, and development of environmental management and monitoring plans. We also act as third-party experts, providing scientific advisory services to government and stakeholders as part of review processes.

Our expertise is also reflected in:

  • Sarina Loots

    Sarina Loots M.Sc., P.Biol.

    Environmental Scientist

    • I am a regulatory practitioner with a wildlife ecology background.  I enjoy helping clients navigate environmental requirements and liaising with regulatory agencies on the nuances of environmental regulations.

    • Edmonton’s natural areas and cultural scene are big parts of my life; I love wandering through the river valley and attending local festivals, especially the Folk Music Festival and the Fringe Theatre Festival.

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