Information Systems and GIS

We offer a unique combination of in-house engineers, scientists and information management professionals to develop high quality data systems that are scalable, efficient and flexible.  Our team allows us to leverage the technical expertise and experience to provide solutions that make our clients better at what they do.

Our projects often incorporate workshops and needs assessments, technical support, maintenance and training.  Our trusted advisors will customize a solution for your needs, ranging from short one-on-one web meetings to multiple-day workshops with many stakeholders. 

Our clients include First Nations, local, regional and provincial governments, as well as private sector clients.   

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    Rebekka Lindskoog
    Manager, Environmental Management, and Regional Manager, Northwest Territories
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  • Jase Zwarich

    Information Systems Developer

    • With over 15 years leveraging technology to help people change the way they work, the excitement when they get back just a bit more of their time, is why I still love what I do!
    • Jase Zwarich
    • My family, travel, adventure in the outdoors and being involved in the community.
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