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Peterborough Streetlighting City-wide Assessment


Peterborough, Ontario


Asset Management

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The City of Peterborough is located in southeastern Ontario, approximately 35 kilometres north of Lake Ontario, and has a population of approximately 79,000 residents.

The City operates and maintains an array of streetlighting systems. However, the disparate systems were not captured within a formal inventory and robust asset management system.

To achieve their objectives, the City retained Associated Engineering to complete a city-wide assessment, including a geographic information system inventory and quality assessment of the streetlighting, and to provide options to improve public safety, reduce costs, and increase energy efficiency. The assessment required us to collect data and create an inventory of existing streetlight infrastructure in a manner that could be easily integrated into the City’s geographic information system (GIS). This covered approximately 7,758 street lights and 7,662 poles, of which 3,587 were City-owned.

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The City of Peterborough

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Adding to the project’s complexity, the team not only physically located each existing streetlight using global positioning system technology, but also collected data on light type, wattage, luminaire shape, height, angle, and arm length. Next, the project team carried out modelling of the existing lighting levels, based on the information obtained through the field survey. Since the inventory was captured within a GIS, the team could export over 100 AutoCAD layers efficiently to produce the model in specialized software. Executing the detailed light level modelling of an entire metropolis of this size was a huge undertaking. The biggest challenge was working with a software program generally used to model single roadways.

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