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BC Earthquake Integrated Asset Management Plan


British Columbia




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Asset Management

British Columbia lies along the edge of three major, active tectonic plates, known as the “Pacific Ring of Fire”.

The Province has done much to prepare for a future damaging earthquake, and recognizes that various Ministries within the government should have developed mature programs for planning improvements to new and existing provincial infrastructure to increase seismic resilience. However, a cross-ministry framework for asset management planning and government decision-making on priorities and capital planning is desired. BC has been implementing seismic upgrades to its building and transportation assets for more than a decade. Areas of improvement include coordinating efforts across Ministries, and undertaking upgrades that protect assets beyond “life preservation”, ensuring that structures survive a strong earthquake long enough for inhabitants to safely evacuate.

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Project Highlights

Associated Engineering served as the lead consultant for developing an earthquake asset management framework for the Province. This project involved consultations with a Working Committee consisting of five key, provincial government Ministries. The goal was to determine how each Ministry manages its seismic asset management program, identify areas for potential improvement, and make recommendations that may be achievable through a coordinated, managed approach. Our team consulted with members of the Working Committee and organized four workshops. The team reviewed how each Ministry conducted its asset management, including structural and non-structural assessments, and worked collaboratively to help identify common themes and opportunities. Coordinating with members of the multi-discipline consultant team, we held consultations and workshops with the Province’s Working Committee. The final report, the Earthquake Integrated Asset Management Plan, clearly defines the government’s four goals for seismic asset risk management.

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