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Marta Green


Technical Specialist, Hydrogeology

Marta has over 25 years of environmental consulting experience in Western and Northern Canada, managing simple to complex water related technical studies, leading clients through regulatory processes, and securing environmental approvals. Her project experience encompasses groundwater-use water licence applications, groundwater availability and quality studies for local government and Health Authority approval, well drilling and testing for agricultural and industrial water supply, Source Protection Plans and pathogen testing for drinking water suppliers, Environmental Impact Assessments for the agricultural and development sectors, water quality studies for wastewater projects, and Water Supply and Demand, and Hydraulic Connection studies for watershed-scale projects.

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I love being in-the-know of upcoming technologies. For example, enhanced genetic technology can help us to better determine what pathogens are in our drinking water. We can then help water suppliers make informed decisions.

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Volunteering with the Okanagan Water Stewardship Council, BC Groundwater Association, BC Water and Waste Association, and working with a wide range of clients allows me to be part of the positive change to water related regulations happening around me.

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