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170th Street Bridge Over CN Rail Bissell Yard


Edmonton, Alberta



The City of Edmonton retained Associated Engineering to complete the Bridge Condition Assessment and Preliminary Rehabilitation Strategy Reports for three bridges at the intersection of 170th Street: B185 over Yellowhead Trail & B170/B171, to the north, crossing over the CN Rail Bissell Yard.

AE is providing project management, condition assessment, load evaluation, & preliminary rehabilitation strategy reports. Project management includes invoicing, progress meetings, utility & CN Rail coordination, and site safety as prime contractor for site condition assessment work. The condition assessments were completed in Sept/Oct 2015 and included review of the bridge’s history, completion of City’s Enviso checklists, detailed visual inspection & materials testing. Material testing included chloride ion content, rebar depth measurement, delamination survey, and partial depth concrete removals. The preliminary rehabilitation strategy included review of controlling factors (structural condition/utilities/traffic staging/ environmental issues), and development of 3 rehabilitation options including economic comparison which considered both capital cost and net present value over the next 60 years.

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