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Sundance Crossings


Edson, Alberta



West Fraser Mills Ltd. retained Associated Engineering to design three new bridge crossings along the Sundance Road near Edson, Alberta.

The Sundance is a major transportation corridor providing access to a network of roads for the forestry, gas and oil industries. As the prime licensee holder responsible for managing and maintaining the road, West Fraser Mills required cost effective bridge solutions to satisfy the logistical demands of all road users, while minimizing impacts to fish bearing streams.

Each crossing presented challenges in finding a solution to meet each of the above criteria. Spanning a tributary of the Erith River, Crossing 291 and Crossing 990 were each designed as a single span bridge, 21.8 m and 30.9 m, respectively. Crossing 309 was designed as a 54.4 m multi-span bridge, comprising of two 12.2 m jump spans and a 28.6 m main span, to cross the Erith River.

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Project Highlights

Associated Engineering services also included hydraulic assessment, conceptual and detailed design drawings, tender and contract documents, procurement, on-site construction inspections and final certification. As part of a ten-year plan, West Fraser Mills envisioned to ultimately provide a safe and improved transportation corridor, with a two-lane road and replacement of all existing creek crossing structures.

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