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170th Street Pedestrian Bridge


Edmonton, Alberta




Pedestrian Bridges

In 2018, the elevated pedestrian crossing at 170th Street in northwest Edmonton had to be demolished after an inspection revealed that severe deterioration made it unsafe to maintain the public crossing. An emergency at-grade connection was created to maintain public access, however it was clear that a grade-separated pedestrian overpass was preferable.

Rather than moving forward with restoring the original connection however, the team, along with the City, approached the conceptual planning phase with an openness to new ideas. They  reviewed basic assumptions on the connection’s use by the public, and the key stakeholders. An engagement plan, reflecting the City’s accelerated timeline was created, and supported development and evaluation of multiple options for the crossing location.

A new bridge crossing location and form were selected based on a number of guiding principles established by the team and the City. From a structural perspective a shallow superstructure was identified as important, to minimize user effort experience in using the crossing. Preliminary engineering guided the design to an elegant combination of modern engineering standards with aesthetic sensibility, presenting a remarkable improvement over its predecessor, while incorporating the openness of the original abutments as a distinct design element.

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The superstructure is a 58.1 m long steel Warren truss which provides an exceptionally efficient structural design for pedestrian bridges, offering an optimal blend of strength and economy. The design further included a double-top chord to enhance lateral stability, while streamlining the connection points between diagonals and the top  chord, simplifying construction and minimizing the weak points in the structure.

The new bridge contributes to the aesthetic of the urban landscape, and stands as a testament to thoughtful urban design, connecting two distinct neighbourhoods while also serving as a visually striking structure.

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