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Bow River Pedestrian Bridge and Utility Crossing


Banff, Alberta


Fish, Wildlife & Ecosystems

Pedestrian Bridges

The Town of Banff built a new pedestrian bridge over the Bow River in 2012/2013.

The bridge accommodates utility lines that move sanitary and potable water from the north side of the river to the south. As a project condition for conducting these works within Banff National Park, an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (ESCP) were required prior to commencing construction.

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StructureCraft Builders Inc.

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Project Highlights

Associated Environmental Consultants was contracted by StructureCraft Builders Inc. to advise and prepare these documents prior to initiating construction in the fall of 2012. The ERP was a guide designed to establish a communication plan, identify contingencies for environmental emergencies, and specify the reporting procedure for environmental emergencies. It included general guidelines for protecting water quality, fish and fish habitat, wildlife, vegetation, and historical resources.

The ESCP was based on established best management practices for erosion and sediment control. It detailed existing site conditions, identified areas of concern, and listed recommended mitigation measures and relevant best management practices.

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