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Splatsin Eagle River Compensation Site Identification Site


Enderby, British Columbia



Fish, Wildlife & Ecosystems


Indigenous Communities

The purpose of this project was to identify and rank potential fish habitat enhancement opportunities in the Eagle River Watershed.

Splatsin First Nations was seeking advice on potential habitat enhancement opportunities within their traditional territory with the aim of offsetting current and future losses of in stream habitat, which results from development activities.

The project included the review of background data, investigation into current and proposed fisheries projects for the watercourse, review of topographic and orthographic imagery at an office based level, and followed by ground trothing. Ground trothing of the potential habitat enhancement sites was completed. Detailed information on site characteristics and habitat conditions were collected, including: channel characteristics, habitat value, water quality conditions, flow conditions and connectivity, fisheries presence, and site access.

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Splatsin First Nations

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