427 Expansion P3 Project EDD

  • 427 Expansion P3

The North – South 6/8 lane expansion of Highway 427 will extend the existing Highway 427 from its current northern terminal just north of Highway 407 to Highway 25, Major Mackenzie Drive, within the western part of the City of Vaughan in the Region of York.

The proposed works will include minor and major modifications to widen the existing infrastructure from approximately Finch Avenue Interchange Limit to approximately Highway 7, as well as new highway construction from Highway 7 to Major Mackenzie, including structures as appropriate, water courses, rail, and provision for future LRT. The widening component of Hwy 427 Expansion project extends from north of Finch Avenue and consists of widening from 6 to 8 lanes up to Steeles Avenue and a further widening from 4 to 8 lanes up to Hwy 7.   

Associated Engineering’s role was to advise the Lenders to a Proponent’s team’s of any identifiable concerns or risks associated with this project. Our review was in two parts: Firstly, to review and identify concerns or risks from the draft blacklined Project Agreement; and secondly to review and identify concerns or risks from the Proponent’s proposed Technical Submission. In both cases, the Proponent’s responses to mitigate the concerns or risks were commented upon for appropriateness.