Highway 9 Improvements

  • Highway 9
Associated Engineering provided engineering planning. design and construction services to the City of Yorkton - Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation Partnership for the reconstruction of a critical section of roadway in Yorkton along Highway No. 9 from Queen Street north to Darlington Street. 

We led a roadway assessment to determine the status of the original roadway design classification.  This assessment pointed to the need for changes in the roadway classification and for significant improvements to the existing roadway geometry. This included an urbanized approach at the existing intersecting roadways to accommodate pedestrians and improve safety and aesthetics. Associated Engineering employed leading edge technology in all phoses of the project. This Included using a GPS coordinate system for preliminary survey, design. and construction layout. The detailed design was completed using CAiCE roadway design software which was being introduced to Saskatchewan.

The finished roadway has Improved drainage, a surfacing structure with a 15 year design life, and cross section elements which complement the urban design classification. The successful completion of the Improvements will provide long term economic and social benefits to the City of Yorkton and other roadway users. The success of the project con be attributed to the team approach to problem solving and the close co-operation between all participants.