Solar Photovoltaic System Installation - WTP and Pumphouse

  • Solar Photovoltaic System Installation
  • Solar Photovoltaic System Installation
Contact: Brianne Schmid

The Yukon government in their continuing effort to reduce their environmental footprint, are installing a solar photovoltaic system at the new Dawson City Water Treatment Plant Pumphouse. Associated Engineering designed the new plant and provided solar design support to incorporate the new solar photovoltaic systems into the new building. We designed the control scheme for inverter power flow termination in the event of the back-up power generation system being activated, or fire alarm being activated. 

The system is roof mounted on the upper Pumphouse roof and consists of 2 inverters, 72 optimizers and 72 solar photovoltaic panels, with further expansion capacity of another inverter. The system capacity is 25-28 kW depending on final panels available at time of installation and is expected to offset >21,000 kWH of energy annually. The system is in a high snowfall area and designed to maximise production of partially snow shaded photovoltaic panels, whilst also avoiding architectural shading. 

In the plant, energy produced by the solar photovoltaic system is used to offset utility power requirements for plant loads. The project is expected to be completed in late-2019.