Storm Sewer System Infrastructure Needs Study

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The City of Port Colborne has approximately 96 kilometers of storm sewers plus multiple networks of ditches and swales.  The City’s previous storm sewer master plan was completed in 1978; thus the City was in need of an up-to-date assessment of storm sewer servicing needs, and a sustainable means of financing the required capital investments and maintenance works.

The study objectives included the following:

  • Undertake a comprehensive analysis of the City’s existing storm sewer network to identify existing and potential future deficiencies in the collection of storm water runoff;
  • Address applicable storm water discharge quality regulations;
  • Define and prioritize maintenance works and capital upgrades that are required to service existing and future land use for the next 25 years; and
  • Develop a sustainable financing strategy to support the recommended capital and maintenance program.
This project required a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Phase I and Phase II to be completed. To undertake the analysis, a hydraulic model was developed using InfoSWMM, to represent the current and future storm sewer system.