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Elbow River 2D Flood Modelling


Calgary, Alberta



The Glencoe Golf & Country Club (GGCC) is situated on the south bank of the Elbow River, approximately 12 km upstream of the Glenmore Dam.

A significant portion of the GGCC is located within the floodway of the river. In June of 2013, the golf course was heavily damaged by overland flooding from the Elbow River. As part of GGCC’s flood mitigation strategy, Associated Engineering (AE) was retained to develop a detailed model of Elbow River to determine flooding impacts to the golf course during various river levels and to analyze the impacts of a raised barrier on the course and adjacent lands.

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Project Highlights

Tasks included:

  • Developing a 2-dimensional model of the Elbow River using Mike21.
  • Modelling the impacts on the site from the 1:2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 150, and 500-year flood events.
  • Modelling the impacts of the flood events on the site and surrounding sites with a proposed flood protection barrier on the GGCC. The model will be used to support proposed flood protection for the GGCC by verifying impacts to adjacent lands of installing a flood protection barrier.
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