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MacFarlane Creek Drainage Study


Prince Albert, Saskatchewan


Urban Drainage

The MacFarlane Creek Steering Committee, retained Associated Engineering to complete the MacFarlane Creek Drainage Study.

The MacFarlane Creek drainage basin, located south of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, is characterized as “knob-and-kettle” terrain and drainage is disjointed and disconnected. Adding to the drainage issues, beaver dams are present throughout the area, which contribute to flooding of low-lying areas even in “dry” periods.

Future development plans include the development of approximately 1,600 ha on the south side of Prince Albert, which drains to MacFarlane Creek. Major concerns for development included the lack of a defined outlet from the project area and the potential for downstream impacts due to the increased runoff caused by urban drainage.Existing drainage conditions and the impacts of the proposed development needed to be assessed and the development of a concept plan to guide development plans was required.

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Project Highlights

Associated Engineering compiled satellite imagery and LiDAR data that was used to develop a basin model to evaluate the impact that urban development will have on the water levels and flows in the basin. Mapping was completed using GIS and was critical to the understanding of the complex drainage conditions. Simulated water levels and flows, using PCSWMM, were compared to historical data to confirm the accuracy of the model. Future development scenarios were simulated to determine the potential impacts of development and a conceptual stormwater management plan was developed.

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