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Chippewas of Nawash First Nation – Roads and Culvert Flood Damage Repair


Neyaashiinigmiing, Ontario



Indigenous Communities

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The Chippewas of Nawash First Nation is located on the Bruce Peninsula approximately 60 kilometres north of Owen Sound.

In October 2016, the area experienced a heavy rainfall event that caused serious flooding in the community, resulting in washouts and erosion impacting the roads and drainage systems. The majority of the damage was in the southern end of the community and included the overtopping of the road in numerous locations, the overflowing of culverts, and the deformation of a watermain. This resulted in temporary and permanent closure of various assets, including long-term limited access by emergency vehicles and school buses to the most affected area.

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Project Highlights

Associated Engineering was engaged to prepare the detailed design and provide construction support services for the repair of the impacted roads and culverts. This included the replacement and realignment of three major culverts with existing streams to reduce the risk of erosion, the replacement of several minor culverts, and re-ditching to improve overall drainage in the area. The design provides a robust solution to reduce the risk of similar failures in the future and accounts for the potential impacts of climate change in the selected design criteria.

Associated Engineering has prioritized community engagement, which is encouraged through community meetings and identifying opportunities for community members to be involved in the project, such as assisting with site inspection duties. Additionally, we worked with the community to prioritize the design and tender of the most critical road and culvert repair needs required to return access to emergency vehicles and school buses under an accelerated design and delivery schedule.


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