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Pelican Lake First Nation Water Treatment Plant Expansion


Pelican Lake First Nation, Saskatchewan



Indigenous Communities


Water Treatment

The Pelican Lake First Nation utilizes water from Chitek Lake, which has high concentrations of total organic carbon and high levels of naturally occurring oxidants similar to chlorine.

These oxidants have historically resulted in the production of disinfection by-products in excess of the regulatory limits.

Following testing and piloting, it was determined that a process utilizing ion exchange for organics removal, followed by ultra-filtration membranes, for turbidity control, and ultraviolet disinfection, provided the most effective means of treatment. The existing Tri-mite treatment unit was maintained at the head works of the plant to provide pre-treatment and removal of the potentially high levels of suspended solids, which occurs within the raw water.

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The upgrades included a 210 square metre expansion to the building to house the treatment system with a nominal capacity of 500 cubic metres/day. The process was commissioned in August 2015 and continues to produce aesthetically pleasing, safe and clean water for the Pelican Lake First Nation.

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