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Tibbit to Contwoyto Winter Road Dispatch Software


Yellowknife, NWT


Ice Engineering


Every year, the North’s mining industry constructs what is arguably the world’s longest heavy haul ice road, which extends 400 kilometres into Canada’s northern tundra.

With no other highway service in the region, this winter road is the lifeline for several mines and exploration properties. The road is only open for approximately 8-10 weeks, so moving goods in and out of the region efficiently is priority.

The road is managed by the Tibbitt to Contwoyto Winter Road Joint Venture Management Committee, which comprises Dominion Diamond Corp., Diavik Diamond Mines Inc., and DeBeers Canada.

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Project Highlights

The Committee retained Associated Environmental to develop a web-based dispatch system that manages shipments and traffic to and from 12 destinations along the road.

Across the 12 destinations, shipments are sent or received in convoys of four trucks every 20 minutes. In good weather conditions, upwards of 500 shipments are transported along the road at a time. An intuitive dashboard allows each destination to access real-time updates of their incoming shipments, while organizing and managing outgoing shipments. The Committee can make informed decisions on convoy size, weather delays, and reporting.

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