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The West Rossdale Redevelopment Project is located in a mature neighbourhood immediately south of downtown within the City of Edmonton.

The project involves the redevelopment of approximately 22.5 hectares of existing residential and institutional space into higher density mixed used residential and commercial space. Redevelopment plans will be required to accommodate historical sites including the Ortona Armoury, Rossdale Flats and Camp, and Donald Ross School.

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Project Highlights

Associated Engineering worked with a team of consultants to create an Urban Design Plan for the West Rossdale Area. The consultant team consisted of Carlyle & Associates (prime consultant responsible for landscape architecture and urban design), Associated Engineering (civil engineer), Armin. A. Preiksaitis & Associates (planner), Bunt & Associates (transportation planner and engineer) and the City of Edmonton.

Associated Engineering’s task was to review the existing infrastructure and develop a servicing concept based on proposed land uses.This involved collecting existing utility information, meeting with all utility companies (sanitary, storm, water, power, gas, telephone, and cable television) to discuss their servicing requirements, summarizing the servicing concepts and developing budgetary servicing costs.

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