How Do I Get A Licence or Use Approval?

Are you sure you need a licence?

If you are a domestic water user, you may not need to license your well (although registering your well is a good idea). Use our do I need to license my well decision tree to help you.

Register for a BCeID

In order to be able to go in and out of your application, you first need to set up an online account with the BC Government. Click here to do apply for your BCeID.

Collect Information on your well(s)

Collect the information about your well that you will require for your application. This includes:

  • Location of your well(s). Google Earth can be used for this.
  • Depth, and Well ID Plate Identifier (affixed to the outside of the steel casing on most wells installed after 2005)
  • Aquifer Information, and Well Tag Number
  • Well Log (if available)
  • Land parcel information (from your BC Assessment Form)
  • Map file showing where the water is being transported and used. Google Earth or sketches/site plans can be used for this too.

Compile your "Proof of Use"

Determine the following:

  • Your water use category: Descriptions of water use categories can be found in the WSA Part 1 Paragraph 2 Water Use Purposes. If you need more information on the Industrial Use, check the Water Sustainability Regulation, Schedule A.
  • When you started using your water: Proof of the date that groundwater was first used will be needed. Many different types of proofs of first use is acceptable, and include a well log or construction report, a receipt for pump installation or similar documentation, or a signed notary document.
  • How much water you use: If you don’t know how much water you use, but you use water for irrigation or livestock, you can use the BC Agriculture Water Calculator to help you out.

Start your application!

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