Jun 15 2022
Mike Paulsen brings over 20 years of design and project management experience to his new role as Associated Engineering's Vice President, Transportation Structures.
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May 09 2022
A nearby regional waterline connection will provide the most reliable and cost-effective solution for Whitefish Lake First Nation's needs for a safe source of drinking water.
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Apr 29 2022
CNAM is the association of public infrastructure asset management in Canada.
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Apr 13 2022
As a result of the heavy rainfall experienced in southwestern BC late last year, Associated received numerous requests for assistance by various provincial agencies and municipalities.
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Apr 11 2022
Associated Engineering was honoured with multiple project awards at the 2022 Consulting Engineers Alberta Showcase Awards on April 8th.
Apr 04 2022
The upgraded facility meets the Region of Halton's water supply needs and environmental goals, providing safe drinking water to the community for years to come.
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Apr 01 2022
A final valuation demonstrating the value of the services provided by natural assets in Calgary, AB supports informed decision-making on land-use planning, asset management, and operations.
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