Oct 30 2018
In 2017, EGBC retained Associated Engineering to develop a survey to gather information about how EGBC members consider climate change in their professional practice. Charlie Bartlett, Sustainability Specialist from our Vancouver office led this work for EGBC.
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Oct 28 2018
The Yukon Government manages thousands of kilometres of hard-surface and gravel-surface roadways, as well as bridges, structural culverts, and drainage culverts. Much of this infrastructure was built between 1945-1980. With this aging infrastructure, the Yukon Government has embarked on a program to complete functional plans for all of their major highway infrastructure, with the goal of maintaining the transportation network’s mobility, safety, and reliability.
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Oct 26 2018
The City of Saskatoon developed a plan, Imagine Idylwyld, to transform Idylwyld Drive, an existing inner core arterial highway.
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Oct 24 2018
Across Canada, communities have experienced numerous disasters, including wildfires, flooding, tornadoes, and rock slides. As first responders work to ensure the safety of their residents, protect property, protect the environment, and mitigate the impact of a disaster on the local economy, the immense challenge of disaster recovery begins to emerge.
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Oct 22 2018
The Region of Waterloo’s Galt Wastewater Treatment Plant in Cambridge, ON has provided advanced treatment of the area’s wastewater since the 1950s. The wastewater treatment facility comprises nitrifying activated sludge reactors to biologically treat the wastewater, followed by secondary clarifiers where activated sludge settles and is removed, tertiary filtration of secondary effluent (treated liquid), and ultraviolet disinfection.
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Oct 19 2018
Recognizing the risks of climate change to our natural and built environment, Associated Engineering now offers expertise in assessing climate change impacts on all our projects. Climate Science & Modelling Specialist, Jeremy Fyke, answers some Frequently Asked Questions on climate change.
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Oct 16 2018
In 2015, the City of Fort Saskatchewan, AB, updated their Recreation Facility and Parks Master Plan. During this process, the city identified the need for a multi-purpose, high performance, artificial turf field to support a variety of field sports users, including minor and high school football and soccer, as well as rugby and field hockey.
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