Mar 29 2021
Thank you everyone for your support over the past 75 years!
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Mar 16 2021
Dale Loewen announced as Business Process Manager for the Associated Engineering group of companies.
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Mar 11 2021
In 1989, the City of Kelowna engaged Associated Engineering for design and project administration services for new pre-cast concrete deck panels on three existing bridges.
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Mar 08 2021
We honour and recognize the power, courage, and contributions of the many women in our personal and professional lives. As we celebrate the achievements of women, we also call attention to the need to accelerate women's equality and work together to help forge a gender equal world.
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Feb 26 2021
In the mid-1980s, we designed a new structure that helped improve traffic flow in one of Canada's most popular national parks.
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Feb 25 2021
Associated Engineering and our subsidiary companies (Associated Environmental and ATAP Infrastructure Management) are pleased to participate in the following sessions of the technical program. We also look forward to virtually meeting people in our trade show booth during this year’s event.
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Feb 04 2021
The Government of Saskatchewan has awarded the first stage of the Lake Diefenbaker Irrigation Expansion - the largest infrastructure project in Saskatchewan’s history - which will double the amount of irrigable land in the province.
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