Downtown and Main Street Revitalization

In preparing plans for main streets and downtowns, and working to implement them, our interdisciplinary team has found that vibrant cities and towns recognize that downtown is the heart of their communities, and that a community is only as strong as its core. A balanced public/private commitment is necessary to revitalizing and strengthening the main street or downtown economy – it is about design and economics. 

Successful endevours define a course of action based on collaboration, they define a clear and realistic implementation plan, and they aggressively carry out those efforts. Heritage and identity, visibility, and reputation are critical to how a street, precinct, or neighbourhood is perceived and performs, because high value activities and assets (talent, capital, firms, visitors, and events) are increasingly mobile and exercise locational choices and preferences.

With our experience and expertise, we develop specialized and cost-effective processes for everyone from small towns to mid- and large-sized cities, to differentiate a place for economic competitiveness by creating a destination, designing a practical and efficient implementation program, and developing an effective engagement and communications plan.  

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  • Marcelo Figueira

    Marcelo Figueira MEDes, RPP, MCIP

    Senior Urban Planner & Designer

    • I am an urbanist and city-builder committed to designing and delivering plans aiming to create complete communities with a respect for diversity in values, cultures, and distinct places.

    • As a soccer player by heart, Urban Planner and Designer by trade, I am a passionate flaneur advocating to enable better cities, suburbs and regions through urban design and sustainability principles.

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