Transportation infrastructure helps to shape development and the economic well-being of a region.  At Associated, we understand the important role that our highways, roads, and bridges play in connecting people and communities, supporting industry, and improving the quality of life of residents.  We bring extensive experience in planning, design, and  construction of highways, roads, and interchanges in remote, rural and urban environments.
Our designs consider community needs, environmental impacts, safety, operational and maintenance requirements, as well as potential climate change risks, to provide infrastructure that is sustainable and resilient. Over the years, we have successfully designed and commissioned thousands of kilometres of roads and highways across Canada around the world.  Our work has been recognized with awards for environmental stewardship, sustainability, and technical excellence.
  • Jeff Suggett

    Jeff Suggett M.Sc.

    Senior Transportation Planner

    • I enjoy working with clients in both the public and private sector and developing custom fit solutions to their unique problems.
    • Watching my kids grow up, getting involved in my community, and travelling abroad.
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