Aerobic Granular Biomass Research

  • Aerobic Granular Biomass Research

Associated Engineering has secured a Collaborative Research & Development grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada, in partnership with Metro Vancouver and the University of British Columbia. The grant funds a two-year research program in aerobic granular biomass or AGB - a potentially revolutionary technology in biological wastewater treatment.

Elegant in their simplicity, aerobic granular biomass systems use rapid-settling, millimetre-scale biological granules, combined with high biomass concentrations, to provide a more compact wastewater treatment facility footprint. Compared to secondary treatment systems using traditional flocculant biomass, AGB systems reduce the land area needed for wastewater treatment, construction-related resources, embedded greenhouse gas emissions, and costs.  

The University of British Columbia is our academic partner. Metro Vancouver, our industrial partner, has contributed funding, research space and logistics support at its Annacis Research Centre.