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Process Energy Audits


York Region, Ontario



Pump Stations

Wastewater Treatment / Water Resource Recovery

Water Treatment

The Regional Municipality of York developed a Strategic Energy Plan that understands where important gains in energy savings can be made.

Water and Wastewater Treatment infrastructure accounts for a significant portion of a Region’s electricity usage. By targeting the energy intensive pumping and treatment operations with assessments, the Region is exploring options by which it can reduce its consumption and environmental impact.

The Region selected seven facilities as targets for process energy audits. These facilities were selected due to their varying functions (water treatment, water pumping, wastewater treatment, wastewater pumping) and facility performance (measured in kWh per cubic metre).

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Project Highlights

Associated Engineering led a skilled team that provided energy reduction measures at each facility, while considering the Region’s pumping agreements with neighbouring municipalities.  Estimated savings were verified by monitoring power usage of equipment and analyzing the facility’s electrical bills.  This ensured that the estimations were as accurate as possible.

Identified energy reduction measures included:

  • Installation of VFDs on aeration blowers to eliminate over aeration;
  • Pump refurbishment to improve pump efficiency;
  • Removal of pressure reducing valves where appropriate;
  • Adjusting pumping schedules to take advantage of time of use rates;
  • Upgrading of standard efficiency motors with premium efficiency motors.

We also assisted the Region with obtaining Federal funding for capital upgrades through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Green Municipal Fund.

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