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Nanaimo Reservoir No. 1 and Energy Recovery Facility


Nanaimo, British Columbia


Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation


Water Supply, Storage, & Distribution

The Nanaimo Reservoir No. 1 and Energy Recover Facility together express the City of Nanaimo’s desire to serve its community with high quality drinking water while realizing its goals of sustainability.

The City has long recognized the potential to recover energy from its water supply system, and the commissioning of the new South Fork Water Treatment Plant and resulting Reservoir No. 1 provided this opportunity.

Our design team developed a low‐cost and effective energy recovery system using Pump as Turbine technology and other standard water supply equipment. In contrast to the usual approach, the energy recovery facility was the centrepiece of the project, meant to showcase innovation and environmental benefit. The energy recovery facility, piping systems and reservoir work together to provide an optimal functional layout while at the same time fitting inside a constrained site.

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