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Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation

Water Treatment

In support of the City of Toronto’s Water Treatment and Supply Sustainability Strategy, the City retained Associated Engineering to provide technical direction for the future water treatment requirements at the water treatment plants for the next 20 years as part of this Water Quality Master Plan assignment.

The assignment included a review of available historic water quality data and projected climate change impact on the ability of the existing treatment processes to satisfy both current and potential future regulations. Areas of concern were identified through this initial review process and then confirmed using a risk assessment process.

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The City of Toronto

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Project Highlights

For each confirmed area of concern, alternatives were developed to address the concerns and then evaluated using a triple bottom line plus risk (TBL + Risk) approach. The preferred solutions for each confirmed area of concern were prioritized based on the TBL + Risk results and incorporated into a 20-year capital improvement plan. The assignment included the participation of multiple internal and external stakeholders through a series of workshops to gain input and support as part of the decision-making process. The approach resulted in a collaborative, rigorous, technically-sound and well-documented process yielding recommendations that were fully supported by Toronto Water’s senior management team.

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