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Climate Change Adaptation Scenario Development and Vulnerability and Risk Assessment


Edmonton, Alberta


Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation

Strategic Advisory Services

A substantial base of evidence concludes that climate change is unequivocal, and communities such as the City of Edmonton need to be prepared to respond to key impacts associated with climate change.

More frequent and intense extreme weather conditions have impacts on water resources, hydrology, ecology, the built environment, public health and safety, the economy, and society in general. The impacts of climate change are likely to intensify existing stresses on the City’s assets and services, including pressures associated with land development, population growth, and economic conditions.

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Associated Engineering together with our partners All One Sky, Risk Intelligence International, Alberta WaterSMART, and Nodelcorp Consulting have teamed to provide the City with a comprehensive evidential basis on plausible climate change scenarios, vulnerabilities and risks to support the City to develop a robust adaptation and resilience strategy.

The research provided by the team will contribute to City of Edmonton’s climate change resiliency and adaptation planning process, which is currently being implemented using the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy framework. More specifically, the purpose of the project is to provide stakeholders and the planning team with scientifically robust information on future climate conditions in Edmonton and a summary of key impacts that should be addressed in subsequent vulnerability and risk assessment work.

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