Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation

Recent extreme weather events have demonstrated that our climate is changing. At Associated, we have a responsibility to consider climate change on our projects. Our experience includes climate modelling, climate projections, interpreting existing climate models, designing sustainable buildings and other infrastructure, conducting climate change vulnerability assessments, and planning and designing infrastructure to adapt to our changing climate.  

We provide sound advice based on proven methods, while remaining leaders in understanding the climate change process and the associated risks to infrastructure and the environment. We communicate climate change risks to clients, and incorporate climate change knowledge into our work in consistent and meaningful ways.

Infrastructure Canada has recently published Climate Lens, a new set of requirements for large Infrastructure Canada-funded projects. These requirements call for greenhouse gas mitigation and climate change resiliency assessments. Our Climate Change Advisors and Experts can assist clients with completing climate mitigation and resiliency assessments in support of their application for financial support.

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    Jeff O'Driscoll
    Climate Change Adaptation Specialist & Division Manager, Infrastructure
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  • Charlie Bartlett

    Charlie Bartlett M.Sc., MIEMA, CEnv, ENV SP, EMS Principal Auditor

    Sustainability Specialist

    • I get great satisfaction from helping our clients make real progress towards their sustainability goals. I take pride in knowing that my work helps organizations function better and lower their impacts on our world.
    • I love playing in the outdoors – mountain biking, running, back country skiing, kayaking, and hiking – particularly when my young daughter comes along too!
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