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ENMAX District Energy Centre


Calgary, Alberta



District Energy

Associated Engineering has been working with ENMAX Corporation, an energy and power company based in Calgary, to develop sustainable energy options for its clients.

ENMAX’s new District Energy Centre, located in downtown Calgary’s East Village, is an example of the company’s commitment to sustainable energy.

The ENMAX District Energy Centre is equipped with natural-gas-fired boilers that provide 55 megawatts of heating capacity – capable of heating up to 10 million square feet of space for ENMAX’s residential and commercial clients.  These boilers heat water, which is then pumped to buildings via an underground piping system.  Once in a building, hot water enters the building’s Energy Transfer Station, a series of heat exchangers, which convert heat in the water for use to heat the building.  Water is then returned to the District Energy Centre for re-heating.  District energy is sustainable and efficient, and emits less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional heating systems.

The Associated Engineering project team completed preliminary and detailed design, and provided construction support for 600 metres of district energy mains and over 200 metres of service connections to various buildings, and two Energy Transfer Stations.  We also helped ENMAX to develop standard specifications and design details for the piping and the Energy Transfer Stations.  ENMAX will use these standards for future district energy projects.

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