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Marine Gateway


Vancouver, British Columbia



District Energy

Fortis Alternative Energy Services retained Associated Engineering to design a geoexchange ground heat exchanger (GHX) for Marine Gateway, a mixed-use development in Vancouver.

The project provides base loading heating and cooling for various buildings located within the Marine Gateway development, including retail, office, and residential spaces. Preliminary services provided included desktop pre-design assessment and intrusive site investigation with Formation Thermal Conductivity (FTC) Testing.

To define the optimum energy capacity of the GHX, we collaborated with the mechanical consultant and analyzed various energy load profiles and ground loop performance models. Early coordination with other disciplines helped to identify potential roadblocks and with our innovative GHX design. Construction was completed in phases, while working around a busy site.

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Fortis Alternative Energy Services

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After careful analysis and investigation, our team presented a detailed design of the GHX, including efficient and constructible piping circuit design, and coordinated multiple disciplines. The next stage of the project is the installation of 240 boreholes beneath the multi-story, underground parked within the building footprint.

To manage quality control during the GHX installation, our team provided construction services, offering guidance, quality assurance review, and design adaptation to suit changing site and construction conditions. These services included on-site technical support to continually monitor geologic conditions and modifications to the target borehole depth to suit the observed stratigraphy.