Highway 16 SAFE Corridor

  • Highway 16 SAFE Corridor
  • Highway 16 SAFE Corridor

The SAFE Corridor Alliance is a consortium of private and public sector agencies that retained Associated Engineering to prepare the technical planning work for the Highway 16 SAFE Corridor project between Saskatoon and Wynyard, SK. The rural highway has a disproportionate number of accidents due to wildlife collisions (59%) and extreme weather events (21%). Our team prepared the technical planning and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Plan for the corridor to address these problems, including:

  • Needs Assessment / Gap Analysis with a unique stakeholder workshop
  • Functional Requirements
  • Conceptual Design and Cost Estimate
  • ITS Strategic Plan for the Corridor
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Implementation Plan

The ITS Plan recommended four primary systems (wildlife detection system, advanced warning systems at key intersections, road-weather information systems, and advanced traveller information including a mobile app). Technologies in these systems include wildlife sensors (radar), CCTV cameras, RWIS sensors, advanced warning signs, VMS, cellular modems and networks, data controllers and software. The four systems would be supported by data management and telecommunications networks. A total of 14 sites are in the plan for each device.

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure is the client representing the SAFE Corridor Alliance. Associated Engineering is now proceeding with the preliminary and detailed design of the systems.