Speed Data Collection & Speed Minder Program White Paper

  • NOTL Speed

The Speed Enforcement and Speed Minder Board Study and development of a white paper to assist the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake in developing their own policy for the use and deployment of (pole-mounted/trailer-mounted) speed minder and speed collection devices and strategies to reduce excessive speed through enforcement and other less restrictive measures. The study included a review of best practices of various municipalities in southern Ontario.

The objectives of the study were:
• To significantly enhance the Town’s understanding of the complex relationship between operating speeds (i.e. a driver’s choice of speed), posted speed and other roadside environmental factors that influence speed;
• Allow Town staff to gain a full understanding of the traffic data collected by the Armadillo and Radarsign units;
• To provide valuable and practical information on how best to deploy these devices; and
• Advise how best to communicate speed-related information to the public and elected officials in a way that is meaningful.