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Highway 17 at County Road 508 Interchange


Renfrew, Ontario






Urban Drainage


The interim interchange on Highway 17 at the intersection of County Road 508/County Road 54 is an Ontario Highway system upgrade to include secondary highway overpass for future freeway expansion along Highway 417 in Eastern Ontario.

The original highway intersected with the secondary highway with stop sign traffic turning onto the main highway. The new overpass and highway ramps provide safe merging and departure access between the two highways. The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario procured the design and construction of the new overpass in a Design Build contract format in an alternative delivery method. AECON construction and Associated Engineering teamed as the designer/constructor for this new interchange construction.

The bridge substructure was designed as a fully integral abutment supported by H-piles and founded on bedrock. The superstructure consisted of two 104 m long, 2.100 m deep steel box girders supported by a 1.35 m diameter reinforced concrete pier. As a component of design innovation, the girders were cast integrally at the center pier. Shear studs were designed and welded to the webs of the pier cap to transfer forces from the girders to the pier cap.

Other components of the overall project included:

  • New approach roadways, including all grading, drainage, paving, roadside safety, signage, pavement markings and associated works to connect the new bridge to the existing roadways;
  • Realignment of County Road 508 and County Road 54, and decommissioning of the existing roadway where required, including the existing intersection;
  • Removal of the hot mix pavement, culverts, guide rail, signs, etc. on the to-be abandoned section; Landscaping design and construction along the new highway alignment and along the to-be abandoned roadway;
  • New ramp terminals to connect Highway 17 with the existing and realigned roadways, including all grading, drainage, paving and associated works;
  • Realignment of Russett Road to connect to County Road 508;
  • Design and construction of new entrances to private properties within the highway realignment area; Realignment of an unnamed tributary of Ryan Creek, including 5 new culverts and 1 culvert replacement at Highway 17;
  • New Carpool lot with access off County Road 54;
  • Construction staging design of the highway corridor to maintain uninterrupted use of Highway 17 access to County Rd. 508 at all times through construction.


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Ministry of Transportation of Ontario

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Project Highlights

This design-build project also included planning work for the consideration of implementation of future twinning work. A Group B Class Environmental Assessment was also completed for the detailed design including securing of all environmental approvals (DFO and MECP).