Climate Science

Climate change impacts are already being felt in our communities. Extreme weather and climate events are expected to create new risks and affect existing vulnerabilities. As a society, we are facing greater challenges to human health and safety, economic growth, and the sustainability of ecosystems and civil infrastructure. These impacts will accelerate in the future with extreme climate events becoming the "new normal".

Associated has a dedicated, world-class team at the ready to help you understand future climate impacts, vulnerabilities and risks, and increase your climate resilience. Our key services include:

  • Malcolm Shield

    Malcolm Shield Ph.D., PMP, GHG-IQ, P.Eng.

    Energy Planning and Emissions Specialist

    • I focus on strategic planning and decision support to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and prepare organizations to reduce their emissions.
    • I ski in winter, mountain bike in the summer, and am a keen travel photographer of mostly landscapes and architecture.

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