Ice Engineering

Associated's experts in ice engineering and ice road planning, Construction and Operations provide services in the development of customized ice road / ice platform management systems in support of resource exploration, community resupply, and other remote access logistical challenges in Canada’s North.

We add value to the planning, design, construction and operations of safe, reliable, economical and and operationally efficient ice structures (ice roads, winter roads, ice pads, airstrips) for transportation and exploration projects.

  • Jeremy Fyke

    Jeremy Fyke Ph.D.

    Manager, Climate Services

    • I am passionate about bringing cutting edge climate science to decision making. I think this is critical work that will allow communities to better understand their role in mitigating and adapting to future climate conditions.

    • I am really thankful to be in the North Okanagan region of BC with my family – skiing, mountain biking, running, climbing, and paddle boarding!

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