Camrose Creek Bridge Replacement

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The existing ageing Park pedestrian bridge over Camrose Creek was replaced in 2015 as part of the the City of Camrose’s Trunk Sewer Replacement Project.

This critical trunk sewer location included a convergence of sanitary flows from central and west Camrose. Located in the Camrose Creek valley, the trunk sewer route traversed through Jubilee Park, which is a well-manicured recreation destination located in the heart of Camrose. The park includes mature trees, paved walking paths, picnic shelters and a playground. As the alignment of the existing trunk sewer in this segment was found to be in conflict with these existing features, replacement of the trunk at its existing location was not feasible. Multiple trunk routes and modes of construction were therefore assessed, and determined that a west trunk sewer alignment, which eliminated conflicts with many Park features was the most viable solution.

The chosen route required a bridge crossing for the sanitary sewer pipe at the location of the existing Park pedestrian bridge. The pipe and pedestrian crossing were combined in one bridge structure.

The bridge has a 16 m span over Camrose Creek and includes two steel girders and a precast concrete deck.  Handrails matching the theme for the overall park were included and the trunk sewer is supported between the steel girders, keepign a clean aesthetic feel in the park setting.  Although the Creek crossing was designed to withstand a 1:100 year storm event, adjacent Park surface was regraded to permit emergency Creek overflow in case of extreme weather events.