Canmore Bridge Management

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Associated Engineering was retained by the Town of Canmore to provide inspection and management services of the Town’s bridge inventory, comprised of 32 structures, over a five-year period (2016-2020).

The bridge management services included:

  • Completion of Level 1 (visual) inspections of each bridge
  • Additional Level 2 (timber coring) inspections
  • Recommendations on maintenance and rehabilitation work arising from the inspection program
  • Advice on prioritizing future capital and maintenance work, including Life Cycle Costing.

Following the completion of all visual inspections, a final report was prepared which summarized the findings and provided maintenance/repair recommendations for each bridge.

Associated Engineering created a five-year maintenance plan detailing the individual repairs for each bridge, including cost and priority.

Finally, a life-cycle cost analysis was carried out using the maintenance costs and estimated replacement cost per year of each structure.