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Fort McMurray Wildfire Response


Fort McMurray, Alberta


Water Treatment

Emergency response for a community begins with advanced planning—to anticipate the emergency events and impacts, document recovery plans, and implement strategies, tools and systems that can help mitigate risk and aid in response.

In the case of Fort McMurray, this center is considered a remote location, over 400 km from the City of Edmonton, the nearest major urban center, and accessible by a single highway route. These factors came into play in the days following the evacuation while the Municipal Emergency operations staff and First Responders attempted to address the many challenges associated with the fire. The Municipality needed expert support, resources to operate facilities, and a tactical plan not only for immediate response, but a view through to recovery and rebuilding.

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As the trusted advisor to the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo for over 30 years, Associated Engineering immediately came to the Municipality’s aid to provide emergency response assistance during the wildfire, and ongoing support during the recovery and rebuilding efforts. Our team provided technical support to the Water Treatment Plant operators with remote monitoring and operation, ensuring the supply of firefighting water. Once it was safe to re-enter, we provided on-the-ground teams to fast-track development and execution of the Water System Recovery Plan for disinfecting and flushing the water system and provide safe drinking water in coordination with the re-entry of the community to return to their homes.

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