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North Interceptor Sanitary Trunk


St. Albert, Alberta




Wastewater Collection & Storage

The City of St. Albert 2013 Utilities Master Plan Update identified the need for the North Interceptor Sanitary Trunk sewer to be constructed to facilitate the servicing strategy for future development within the City.

This project will allow for system relief of the existing 1,050 mm diameter South Interceptor Sanitary Trunk sewer and provide new opportunities for City’s growth and development.

The North Interceptor Sanitary Trunk has been staged in three phases to deliver conveyance and storage capacity to service growth areas within the City limits. Phase 1 was completed in 2006; and a portion of Phase 2 in 2011, with remainder completed as development occurs and necessitates the infrastructure.

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Associated Engineering is involved in the Phase 3 of this project, which will add capacity to the City’s existing sanitary sewer system to support growth in South Riel, the area west of Ray Gibbon Drive, lands to the north and south of McKinney Avenue, and downtown redevelopment. This final phase connects the Phase 1 termination point at St. Vital Avenue and St. Albert Trail to the existing stub at the Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission Pump Station.


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