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Northwest Territories ITS Program


Yellowknife, NWT



Intelligent Transportation Systems


Traffic Engineering

Transportation Planning

Associated Engineering developed an Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Program for the Northwest Territories (NWT).

The Program’s vision is to better support NWT’s communities, economy, and quality of life through innovation and technology. The Program’s main goals are to improve transportation system efficiency, improve road safety, improve the environment, and promote long-term sustainability.

The key benefits of the ITS Program will be:

  • Improved safety due to incident management and coordination of emergency services
  • Reduced collisions and unnecessary trips from critical road-weather information advisories
  • Better traveler information and access to data
  • Speed advisories for improved safety
  • Improved road information for construction, maintenance and operations fleets
  • Environmentally sustainable actions such as reduced wildlife interactions with motorists
  • Increased support for commercial goods movement enforcement
  • Improved economic performance
  • Better data management including access to real time environmental data
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