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Taber, Alberta


Environmental Engineering

Associated Engineering provided engineering services to evaluate two residential collection systems; an existing communal bin system, and a roll out cart system.

The Town of Taber serviced most of its residents for the handling, transportation, and disposal of solid waste with three cubic yard metal containers with a smaller portion of the community serviced by hand collection. The three cubic yard bins are very well used by the community servicing four residential properties each, usually in an alleyway. The hand collection service is usually applied to homes that have set-outs (front garages with driveways).

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Project Highlights

The Town was considering transition from the existing bin system to the use of 90 gallon roll out carts for residential collection. In conjunction with this potential change, we provided a report to understand the implications this would have on the solid waste management practices of the community, and how this type of change would affect a long term integrated solid waste management strategy.

The information available was dated, however we were able to extract the information needed by relying on our knowledge of the community gained over 20 years working for the Town. Our team also conducted interviews with the surrounding areas to provide a detailed evaluation for the Town of Taber.

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