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St. Andrews Lock and Dam Comprehensive Detailed Inspection


Lockport, Manitoba




Bridge Rehabilitation & Retrofit



Water Supply, Storage, & Distribution

The St. Andrews Lock & Dam (SALD), located in Lockport, Manitoba, was constructed in the early 20th century to facilitate commercial navigation from Lake Winnipeg to the City of Winnipeg by drowning the Lister Rapids during the navigation season.

The facility is operated and maintained by Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) and consists of a dam, a navigation lock, a fish ladder, and a two-lane traffic bridge. Most operational features of the dam and lock for navigation purposes remain unchanged from its original opening date.

The dam and traffic bridge are inspected regularly above and below water, according to the PWGSC Dam and Bridge Inspection Policies and Procedures. Following Associated Engineering’s success in ranking first in Western Canada on the PWGSC standing offer for Civil Engineering Services, Associated Engineering’s Winnipeg office was awarded the 2015 inspection program.

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Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)


In the early 1900s

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In order to meet the technical requirements and project timelines, delivery of the assignment was a “One Company” collaborative effort led out of the Winnipeg office. Staff from other offices with specific technical expertise related to dam operations, structural/seismic evaluations, and bridge inspections were instrumental in completing the tasks to date and were key in production of the final deliverables.

Here are some facts about the dam and bridge (courtesy of the Government of Canada):

  • the dam and bridge is 270 metres long
  • it crosses the Red River at Lockport
  • there are 7 concrete piers
  • each pier is 15 meters high
  • steel trusses that are about 40 metres long span between the piers
  • the piers are joined at the bottom by a 6-metre-high by 11-metre-wide concrete sill or fixed dam
  • there are 15 steel frames per span
    • the exception is that one span has 14 frames and a fish ladder so that fish can migrate through the dam
  • The roadway over the dam also goes across the lock
  • The speed limit is 50 km/h and the road has a load restriction of 36 tonnes
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